Celebrate with us Australia Day. Book now to enjoy our tasting menu:

. bread, house baked served with seasoned butter
. oysters, natural, with berry granita on the side
. eggplant gratinbarley miso marinated, sesame and bonito flakes
. wagyu tataki, premium Margaret River wagyu, truffle sauce, fried zucchini, garlic crumb
. lettuce, seasonal lettuce and radicchio, maple dressing, almond praline

Pasta choice
. gnocchi, kangaroo and pork ragù, peas and porcini mushrooms
. fettuccine allo scoglio, clams, mussels, kingfish, prawn bisque, traditional marinara sauce
. ravioli, filled with ricotta and spinach, in a cream, pistachio and parmesan sauce

Main choice
.lamb chops, house marinated WA lamb, pickles, truffle sauce, stir fried pak choi
. king fish, grilled fillet, zucchini and saffron cream, squash, lime

. chocolate fondant, apricot heart, vanilla ice cream

Please let us know about any allergies or dietary requirements you have.